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1992 & 1996 US Olympian

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Lily's Hall of Fame Speech (audio only - 5 mins.)
Welcome to my site and I hope I can help improve your game!
*** Please visit my new Lily Yip Table Tennis Center at ***
An open invivtation to anyone that would like to learn Table Tennis
USATT's First Family of Table Tennis by David Fullen
Click here for 2007 World Championship Pictures (click on the picture for a larger view) Click here for NJTTC (Older?) Pictures
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adamhugh.jpg (19555 bytes)
Adam Hugh

Lily and family with Mr. Timothy Geithner our new US Treasury Secretary
Lilybush.jpg (42811 bytes)
Lily with President and Mrs. Bush
Lilypres.jpg (48224 bytes)
Lily with President Clinton
lilbush2.jpg (100697 bytes)
Lily with President and Mrs. Bush
group2.jpg (381701 bytes)
Lily's NJTTC Students at Junior Olympics
lilyyip2.jpg (37440 bytes)
Lily Yip
group_D.jpg (71217 bytes)
Judy Hugh 3rd from left at Junior Olympics
lilyyip3.jpg (35687 bytes)
Lily Yip
Groupl.jpg (68255 bytes)
NJTTC Juniors at Junior Olympics
finals3.jpg (47920 bytes)
Lily playing Barry at finals of RPI Open
yip2.jpg (48818 bytes)
Lily playing semi finals of RPI Open
currier.jpg (168353 bytes)
Lily with 2 time French Open Tennis Champion, Jim Courier at 1992 Olympics
judy2_d.jpg (85904 bytes)
Judy Hugh
yip_perc.jpg (36922 bytes)
Lily Yip
lilykids.jpg (44733 bytes)
Lily with Adam and Judy in Sweden
bltly1.jpg (200445 bytes)
Lily Yip
TT Party 10/24/2009
obenlil1.jpg (10717 bytes)
Claudia Oben and Lily at the NJTTC
blthrdb1.jpg (237919 bytes)
Lily and Barry playing Hard Rubber Doubles at the Teams
blthrdb2.jpg (233966 bytes)
Lily and Barry playing Hard Rubber Doubles at the Teams
dbfish1.jpg (185506 bytes)
Jaiyi and Judy
dbfish2.jpg (181297 bytes)
Jaiyi, Joyce Miller and Judy
all3.jpg (51511 bytes)
Jane Chui, World Champion Gao Jun and Lily at exhibition in Ct. Mall
bltly3.jpg (196122 bytes)
Lily Yip
bltly2.jpg (220435 bytes)
Lily Yip
sandy2.jpg (9797 bytes)
Dr. Sandiway Fong
judylily.jpg (14395 bytes)
Judy and Lily
UN5.jpg (17296 bytes)
George Brathwaite and Lily at the United Nations
USAWomen96.jpg (17296 bytes)
Lily and Wei Wang playing doubles at Atlanta 96 Olympics
Adam and Judy at Princeton University
Adam and Judy at Princeton University
Adam and Judy at Princeton University
Adam and Judy at Princeton University
Adam and Lily playing doubles at US Nationals
Judy Hugh BH Block.jpg
Lily and Judy playing doubles
Lily, Sol Schiff and Judy
Lily with World Champions Sol Schiff and Laszlo Bellak
Lily with Forest Gump at Chicago 2000 Festival
World and Olympic Singles Champion Deng Ya Peng, Lily and Barry at 2003 Paris Worlds
Hall of Famer David Sakai and Lily at US Nationals
Chinese Actors with Barry at Beijing University in August 2008
Adam playing Jan Michel Saive (1)
Adam playing Jan Michel Saive (2)
Adam playing Jan Michel Saive (3)
Adam with Jan Michel Saive of Belgium, World Singles Runner Up
Chang.jpg (191998 bytes)
French Open Tennis Champion, Michael Chang with Lily at the 1992 Olympics
Lily, World Champion Xu Shao Far and Double Fish President at Shanghai Worlds

Dick Miles (10 Time US and World Champion) with Barney/Kathy Reed and Barry/Lily

3 Time World Singles Champion Zhuang Zedongs NJ visit with Lily and friends

World Champion Liang Geliang NJ visit with Lily and Barry

US Team Coach and former World Top 10, Emilia Gheorghe, Ariel Hsing and US Team Coach, Lily at the 2010 US Open
Ben Dattel 1946 Entry Postcard - No Smoking at this event
Postcard sent to Ben Dattel from Sandor Glancz with World Champions Signatures
A Young Sol Schiff member of the 1937 US World Championship Men's Team
Ben and Friends - Rudy Mund, Eleanor Greenberg, Sophie Samuels
Ben's award ceremony at Camp Davis, NC (WWII era 1941-1944)
bendat.jpg (80325 bytes)
Ben Dattel (in the 1930's)(Barry's Father)
1935 NY vs NJ
Table Tennis Program
Cover & Back Cover
1935 NY vs NJ
Table Tennis Program
Pages 2 & 11
1935 NY vs NJ
Table Tennis Program
Pages 3 & 10
1935 NY vs NJ
Table Tennis Program
Pages 4 & 9
1935 NY vs NJ
Table Tennis Program
Pages 8 & 5
1935 NY vs NJ
Table Tennis Program
Pages 6 & 7